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Jasmine Moon

Labradorite & Moon Set- necklace & earrings

Labradorite & Moon Set- necklace & earrings

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LABRADORITE: Highly mystical & protective stone

  •  calms an overactive mind
  •  aligns the physical & etheric bodies
  •  stimulates mental clarity
  •  helps you access spiritual purpose
  •  deflects unwanted energies 
  •  stimulates intuition & psychic gifts

Crescent moon charm meaning:

protection * luck * wealth * rebirth * new beginnings * intuition * hope * growth * fertility

Smaller 6mm beads -  Large lobster claw clasp with extender.  

Earring wires are nickel free.

Jasmine Moon crystal wellness jewelry is beautifully designed using globally sourced, high vibrational beads, cleansed by saging, and blessed with an intention for the future wearer before packaging.

Each set comes with a card detailing the crystal's meaning.

6mm beads, color may vary due to the natural stone, metal plating on decor, metal decor may change due to availability.

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