Bracelet Intention Activation

Start by finding a quiet place to sit uninterrupted, close your eyes and hold your bracelet gently in your hand. Take 3 slow breaths in and out, making sure to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your mind and body to completely relax, placing your focus on the bracelet in your hand. You may feel tingling, vibration, warmth, coolness, or nothing at all; whether you feel or don’t feel anything at this time, it is ok. Exist in the moment and allow your body to connect to the crystal bracelets' energy. Next, say to yourself, or out loud an intention you may want to set into the energy of the bracelet. Keep your intention in your awareness for as long as you feel comfortable, trust that your crystal is absorbing your intention. As you move forward, this bracelet will now be “charged” with your intention. Best wishes!